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How Dust and Dirt Affects Your HVAC Unit?

How Dust and Dirt Affects Your HVAC Unit?

Your HVAC systems play a vital role in securing the health of your family members. Bereft of the robustness, your system will pile up dust and debris. It can be a major concern as it can affect the proper functioning of your HVAC unit. 

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How Does Dust Get Accumulated?

The temperature escalates to a peak during July in Henderson. Due to such weather conditions, you might be eager to operate your Spring Valley heating and air conditioners. As your system runs in full swing, it attracts dust and dirt from the air. It remains unnoticed because your air filter traps the pollutants, and as a result, the filters get clogged with dirt. 

Household dirt and particles can be a collective of dead skin cells, hair, specks of threads, bacteria, and other living organisms. They stick to the air vents, filters, coils, and other components, making the device ineffective to perform gradually. 

Why Should You Be So Concerned?

Not only are dirt and dust harmful to your respiratory health, but they also have the potential to damage your electronic system. Pioneer Air lists six crucial points of concern for better understanding.

It Makes the Device Inefficient to Work

Airflow is essential inside the unit to absorb or release the heat. Dirt-coated pipes restrict the exchange of heat, which will have an impact on the distribution of cool air. The unit will be put under greater pressure to maintain the room temperature. Due to such wear and tear, it will gradually make it inefficient.

Air Filters Can Get More Congested

Air filters block all unnecessary particles and debris. But, if the collection of molds and other bacterial formations is beyond capacity, the filters will be unable to pass clear air through it. Eventually, your system will likely decrease in performance.

Technical Issues With the Motor

The gathering of grease in the mechanical gears will stop the motor and the fan from performing swiftly. You will notice a breakdown in your device.

Coils Will Get Coated With Dirt

The occurrence of electrical faults inside the device will stop it from cooling the room adequately. It happens only when dirt and debris create a barrier inside the coil to restrict air circulation.

A Steep Rise in the Power Bill

Dirt can be a reason for the escalation in your monthly energy bills. Collective dirt can slow down the speed of your device. It results in more consumption of energy for long hours in order to keep your room comfortable. 

An Unhealthy Environment

Dirty HVAC units pose a negative impact on your family’s health. Air particles and dust contain harmful bacteria that can lead to serious respiratory and cardiovascular issues. At the same time, it also degrades the indoor air quality of your house. 

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