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4 Effective Heat Pump Maintenance Tips You Must Follow

4 Effective Heat Pump Maintenance Tips You Must Follow

Heat pumps offer a cost-effective way of maintaining required temperature levels in any given space. They work by pumping hot air into a room during the winter season and expelling the hot air out of a room during the summer. If you want your heat pump to offer maximum efficiency, it is important to get your heat pump serviced regularly. Also, there are many DIY tips that you can use to maintain your heat pump on your own. Here are some important tips you must follow to ensure that your heat pump is running at its peak performance level:

1. Get Your Heat Pump Serviced Regularly

Ideally, a heat pump must be serviced by an HVAC professional in Paradise, NV, at least once every year. In case you use it during all four seasons, then you might even consider getting it serviced twice every year. Regular heat pump maintenance will help ensure that any potential problems are detected and resolved early on before they become bigger issues that require further extensive repairs or expensive replacements.

2. Check Your Heat Pump for Snow or Ice Buildup

It’s normal for some snow or ice to build up on the heat pump unit, especially during the winter season. You don’t need to panic as long as your heat pump’s defrost feature prevents the heat pump from icing over completely. The defrost feature doesn’t run constantly (to save energy), and so your heat pump will ice up a little for small intervals. However, if you notice that your heat pump is icing up completely and the defrost function is not turning on, you must call up an expert for heat pump repair in Las Vegas to prevent damage to your heat pump.

3. Make Sure Your Heat Pump Has Enough Breathing Space

Inspect the area around your heat pump on a regular basis to ensure there is no clutter around it. Also, make sure there’s adequate space between your heat pump and the plants that might be restricting airflow. Keep the plants at least 18 inches away from the heat pump on all sides. Similarly, keep the heat pump 4 to 8 inches elevated above the ground to allow for proper drainage.

4. Always Hire a Professional to Service Your Heat Pump

If you want to keep your heat pump running at its best, then always have it serviced by a furnace maintenance expert. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can also look online for furnace repair in Henderson, NV. But make sure you read their reviews before you hire them. And last but most important, make sure you work with a licensed HVAC contractor in Las Vegas, NV, who has adequate insurance to cover damage (if any).

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